"You are the caretaker of the generations, you are the birth giver – the Sun told the Woman. You will be the carrier of this universe"

Victoria during a postpartum closing ceremony

Victoria during a postpartum closing ceremony

Formal Education

  • Vedic Conservatory Vedic Thai- Yoga Body Work - 2014

  • Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts Birth Doula Training - 2015

  • Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts Placenta Specialist Training - 2016

  • SFMEC Midwife Assistant Training - 2017

  • Aviva Romm’s Botanical Medicine for Womans Health Certification - 2019

  • Reiki Levels 1&2 - 2018/ 2019

  • CPR - active

  • NRP - active

Meet Victoria

A mother, birth doula, placenta specialist, herbalist, and student midwife, I have been actively serving my community through birth work since 2015.

Moon Womb Maternity is the vessel that holds together all of my passions. This is my service to the people. Driven by my love and knowledge of the process of pregnancy and birth, plant medicine, natural healing modalities, and my active path in traditional indigenous ways, I support people from an educated and professional place of respect and compassion.

The intention behind the birth of Moon Womb Maternity is providing quality, wholesome, evidence based support for parents in their journey. I believe pregnancy and birth are an extremely important period in a woman’s life, a transitional space of growth and expansion, and it should be honored and treated as such. I trust fully in Mother Nature and her divine design and believe a person holds within all they need to bring forth life. This is the foundation for everything I do, birth is sacred. Together, we create a safe, loving, and encouraging space for you to birth your child through your own empowerment, no matter the setting.

I am committed to the constant growth and quality improvement of our services and have been dedicated to and completed many avenues of formal education. However, my greatest teachers have been the elements, the earth, and above all the Elders that have walked this path before me that teach me through experience, word, and guidance.