Heal Through Birth

"This vein was a cord, a birth cord that went into their body, and through it they were forever connected with the moon. And nine months of creation were given to them."

Our first home, the Placenta, has been noted to have miraculous healing and nourishing abilities when consumed by the mother soon after birth. This is a practice dated back to ancient times and observed in almost all Mammals. This beautiful, complete organ is unique and special to each child and mother and it provides all the nourishment a growing fetus needs. Through the umbilical cord the placenta transfers nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the child based on his or her specific needs, mothering and caring for the seed throughout the pregnancy~ and through placenta encapsulation mothers have the opportunity to receive of its abundant benefits.

Spiritually the Placenta has been referred to as the “Forgotten Chakra” and the “Tree of Life” playing an important role in pregnancy and childbirth with the understanding that it is this sacred organ which sustains us within the waters of our mothers womb, providing the perfect environment for us to thrive in until coming to full bloom. When this moment arrives the mothers body loses an incredible amount of energy in the form of blood, hormones, heat, and fluids. It is essential for the mother and babies health that these elements are replenished. Ingesting the placenta is one way in which the mother can bring all these vital and indispensable nutrients and hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, and iron back into her body to nourish and care for herself for a smooth and gentle transition into motherhood.


 Prolactin: Promotes lactation

 Oxytocin: Bonding and pain relief

 Irons: postpartum anemia

 Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone: Lowers risk of postpartum depression

 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): Boost energy

 Cortisone: Acts as an anti inflammatory assisting the body to handle stress

 Interferon: Stimulates immune protection

 Prostaglandins: Anti-inflammatory

 Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and Factor XIII: Prevents postpartum bleeding

 Gammaglobulin: Immune booster


 Balances hormones

 Decreases chances of postpartum depression

 Increases energy

 Speeds up recovery

 Lowers chance of postpartum hemorrhage

 Promotes milk production

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Raw method

Through the Raw method, the placenta is carefully sterilized and placed into the dehydrator at 160 degrees F for a minimum of 12 hours. Due to minimal processing, optimal delivery of nutrients, enzymes and hormones is delivered to the mother.

traditional chinese method

The Traditional Chinese Method uses heat producing medicine in the preparation to aid in the process of bringing heat back into the mother’s body. According to Chinese medicine, when a woman gives birth she loses massive amount of energy in the form of heat from her body and especially her womb. This loss of heat, if not attended to properly, could cause imbalances in the woman’s body throughout her life. In this method, after sterilization the placenta is respectfully steamed on a bed of ginger, lemon, and hot pepper before the dehydration process. 

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Keepsake's and tincture 

Moon Womb Placenta Encapsulations come with a complementary Placenta Mother Tincture which can last all the way to menopausal years to assist in the hormonal transitional process of woman of age as well as a Placenta Print and umbilical chord keepsake.

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Placenta Planting ceremony

Not everyone feels comfortable consuming their placentas after birth, or the placenta might not be viable for whatever reason. For those families Moon Womb offers assistance with placenta planting ceremonies in which I will prepare and package your placenta with herbs and personalized crystals which can be offered back to the earth with a prayer for your newborn. 

Umbilical Cord Dream catcher 

Moon Womb offers a creative and unique way to keep your baby's umbilical cord. Transform this sacred connection between the two of you which nourished your child within your womb for 9 months into a dreamcatcher that you can hang over babies sleep place. 

"In Turtle Island (North America), the people of the great lakes region would hang the dream catcher from the baby's cradleboard. If the umbilical cord was not saved, a dream catcher could be made with a supple willow branch and ber or sinew string. Just as Asibikaashi , the Spider Woman, cared for her children of the land, the placenta spider woman cares for each child as s/he journeys to Earth, from darkness into the light. The web of the dream catcher symbolizes her protection."