feli ingar-correa // Thiago's Mama 

I was 2 months pregnant when my best friend connected me with Vicky. I knew from our first phone conversation that she was the doula I needed. I came out of our first meeting feeling more grounded than what I thought was ever possible for a pregnant woman to feel during her first trimester. Vicky won me over with her calming nature and well informed, non-judgmental approach. She wasn’t looking for my pocket, she was looking to comfort me and my baby. She even provided me with a list of other doulas, in the case that I wanted to explore my options. Of course there was no need because I felt an instant connection with her.  I appreciated that she always made herself available to my attend to my questions, and never made me feel forced to make any decision. I trusted in her so much that I even changed hospitals and went with one of her recommended doctors. She was right about everything! I loved my hospital, and even more my doctor. When the day came and I got admitted, Vicky turned into a doula warrior. It was so comforting because she was asking all the questions necessary to reassure my safety, rights and even more the protection of my baby. Vicky turned out to be more than just a doula to us, she’s familia. She offered her services to me regardless of my ability to afford her. She has a beautiful heart and anyone would be lucky to have her. Vicky will always be our gift from the Universe. ♥️

Erika Peace // Teotl's mama

The choice to have Vicky was simple, I had a connection with her from the start. Her calm demeanor and her knowledge of births made an impression on me and my husband. She made herself available to answer any questions we might have and every time would give us peace of mind. The day of the birth was so beautiful. She was there for me at every moment to comfort and support me when I was feeling such intensity. I would highly recommend Vicky as a doula, placenta specialist, and overall advocate to natural birthing. She is the best!

Tawnie Paramshant// Keanu's mama 

From the first time I spoke to Vicky I was hoping she would be able to help me bring my baby to this Earth. I had contacted other doulas but no other gave me more assurance than her, she was very informed and knowledgable, she is humble and non judgmental, truly has your best interest at heart, comes from a background of ancient wisdom, and most of all I can feel her love for babies and womanhood which made me love her and feel so comfortable right away. Birthday of my son was very smooth I loved her gentleness, her constant support and most of all her awareness and tranquility helped me get through it in the best way. She helped me feel empowered in a challenging time. Me and my son are so blessed to have such a special person part of lifes and anyone who is in need of doula support would be more than lucky to have her.

Lisa Artis // yoni steam experience 

I purchased a package of Yoni steam herbs from Vicky and I knew from the moment I smelled the aromatic blend that I was in for a beautiful and powerful experience! I used them twice and I felt a very strong healing and sensual energy permeating my womb space, it was pure Bliss! I love the fact that Vicky charged the herbs during the full moon; it was definitely felt! Thank you again beautiful goddess😍

Johana perez // Auras Mama

My dear friend vicky! She holds this certain connection with the ancestral ways of birth giving, it seems to come natural and of course from following her dharma! i thank her for being by my side during my long labor and for visiting my baby during her hospital stays, for the amazing herbs she prepares and trabajos she does for those postpartum days. She is very knowledgeable     And only getting better with time. Thank you vicky! We appreciate you.

Carina pagani Indigos mama

When I first found out I was pregnant I wasn't sure what to do... I was excited, happy and scared all at the same time. My situation wasn't the most idealistic but I knew I had to have my baby. For days I didn't know who to reach out and I remembered about Vicky and all the magical work she does. Vicky was one of the first few people I even told about my pregnancy, and without a doubt I'm so happy I did. She guided me and educated me in all that I needed to know and showed me different ways to give birth, told me different foods for me to eat for my nausea, and constantly checked on me as much as she couldn't through messaging. I was living in the New York at the time and still being miles away I felt her presence and her love. When I came down to Miami I knew I had to have her as my doula. Vicky played a big role in the birth of my healthy beautiful baby girl and for that I'm eternally thankful. Not only as she been a good doula but a great listener and even more an amazing friend. During my birth Vicky gave me this sense of calmness and never left my side. She was there helping me breathe, hydrating me and letting me squeeze her hand. If I could do this experience all over again there's no one else I'd chose. Vicky is an incredible woman with such love and grace that it'd be silly not have her as your doula.